Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So remember that post…about the truck having plenty of room?  Friends and Family from afar keep askin’…so here goes.  We got a new van, which SiSi has dubbed “Tiny”.  It is a 2011 Mercedes Sprinter.  I. am. in. love. It took some nerves of steel to get me to agree to our blind date, but it was love at first sight.  I had to get over my pride of what Sully looked like (my name for the blue benz)…but NOW we have plenty of room…for your family AND mine!  Our family has named this blue monster Sully, Blue Bell, the van, Babe, and the list goes on…..


Please note the strategic placement of my darling children.  No hitting, pinching, pulling hair, and kicking allowed! :)


Here is where my hunny and me sit…


and CHECK OUT THAT WALKWAY!  This is key for hopping to the back to deal with help out a child in distress!

NO.  I am not pregnant.  But now there are room for more!



shelley said...

awesome. put me down for one of these in a couple of years... :)

Janine said...

We saw your recent acquisition in the church parking lot the other day. Definitely a stand out! We will need to organize a road trip to help you feel like all the seats are properly utilized. :)

If only it were white, then you could just call it the Belluga.