Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brotherly Love

Jamison is alone in a very girlie world in our home.  He has the heart of a giant, but is often so frustrated with the girlie girl sisters of his.  He craves blue, and boy, and rough and tumble things.  But he knows what they like.  Babies.  Dolls.  Doggies and dress up.  He made his three sisters cloth dolls for gifts.  Very girlie. And he thought long and hard about what each one would like, which ribbon screamed ‘Paige’ or which fabric was softest for Zoë.  Shiny things were for SiSi.  He even thought about the fact that googlie-eyes were not safe for Zoë, and drew hers on.  This moment, where I spent time watching him LOVE, and think of his sisters preferences and desires, made my heart melt for this sweet BOY of mine…and I fell in love with him and being his mommy all over again.  Here is some proof of his brotherly love.



Jenny said...

He is an absolutely sweet and kind hearted boy - always has been. The kids are growing so fast, I can hardly believe it. We miss you all so much. Give them each a hug and a kiss from the Fuller Family.

Emilie said...

Now THAT is adorable. Well done, Jamison. Such a thoughtful brother!